On top, tip top, on top Laid up, wait up, hold up Too bad, so sad, you mad I made you from clay But you don’t need me… Won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop Wait up, stay up, sho nuff So sad, too bad, sweet lad That’s all you can say? But you don’t believe in … Continue reading Whengodsrhyme

Anakin Skywalker

I don’t want to talk about how sad I am, how forlorn, how empty, how pseudostrong, I’m using pseudo wrong, so I don’t want to discuss how you fill me when you feel me, how every second is infinity, where the cosmic quest’s objective is met, electric kiss of elusive kismet, so close to me, … Continue reading Anakin Skywalker


Not just one shirt Not just one night Not just one sunset Not just one eye Not just one heartbeat Not just one step Not just one moon beam Not just one lip Not just one butterfly wing Only one is a maniacal lie Takes at least two to tango The more the merrier is … Continue reading Quarantined

Tippy Top

He’s one of those lion cubs taught while he was very young to never become an indebted one Its sweet that at only twenty three He thinks that he can ever pull the wool over me I know that he doesn’t want freedom or he wouldn’t let me drink his cum or his cute coat wouldn’t be … Continue reading Tippy Top