If you should have an Italian affair know in advance that Roma, la citta eterna, was designed to be a sophisticated mistress; she has wild sex on cobblestone street corners with hot and sweaty strangers because she is gorgeous and demanding and she does not forgive quickly so if she slaps you hard in public it is … Continue reading Lussuria


I feel disconnected from me and nearly empty Traveling the world makes home feel flat and fictional And you have to ask your entirety If you loved it here why would you leave? And maybe there is nothing wrong with the present But just with you and your sullied point of view That normally only sees inferiority … Continue reading Eidolon

Death and Sex

Random fact: I’ma take Mr. Frogsworth out deep into the Mojave desert, at night, make ’em beat off while I dig a six foot hole naked, climb in that dusty coffin with him to hide from coyotes, fuck his brains out and while he’s nutsleep, climb out and bury his ass alive. Rest in Peace, Froggy.‪ … Continue reading Death and Sex