She said I’m disgusting and I am acting out Meanwhile everyone else in the room wants to get to know me He loves me beyond a shadow of a doubt But she is getting her rocks off by scolding Everybody’s using every body is using everybody using me… She said I am rude as a … Continue reading Junkanoo


Chords are changing Improvisational riffs Traversing all paths between the beginning and the cliff This one is my hip hop, gritty and real That one is my jazz with a melodious feel The other is my hard rock headbanging mischief The latest is the electronic rhythmic mystic Nothing consistent over the bass yet it fits But it … Continue reading Philophiliac

Danger Duffle

Underneath the smooth finish Lies a sharpened edge No one would guess that a Ken Doll Grew a machete between his legs What did I ever see? Is the monster in me…. Underneath the softest pelt Are teeth ready to kill No one would believe the pretty boy Would rather suffer than simply feel… What is … Continue reading Danger Duffle