False Pretenses

Oh nawl…oh yeah I want the best for you, “boo”- Get your groove, but keep it calm and cool… Don’t dance, don’t dance, don’t dance so smooth Yeah I like YOU ma, I love YO style I see you shining all bright and proud But don’t dance, don’t dance don’t dance so wild Girl go ahead and follow your dreams … Continue reading False Pretenses

Sweet Lil Tammy Cakes

All Tammy wanted to be since she was three was to grow into a hard working Midwesterner’s wife All Tammy dreamed that she would need was to be sweet and cut his apples open with a monogrammed bread knife But then she turned five and saw daddy kiss goodnight A woman who wasn’t mommy out her bedroom door … Continue reading Sweet Lil Tammy Cakes

Self Portrait

There’s a woman who trusts in astrology and thinks that the universe supports her She likes poetry and never re-gifts anything and loves traveling on the spur She’s entirely too tall to feel so small as she does when someone dares to love her She likes sapphire rings and has crazy mood swings and drinks til … Continue reading Self Portrait

Never unblocking you

There is something a little bit wrong with all of us. We fail a lot as a group. These failings are not good or bad just tools used to learn more about ourselves and the spectrum of light That we float through… So when I tell you what you want to hear Whispering it softly … Continue reading Never unblocking you


The phone rings. The queen bee is full of royal jelly and ready for action. The man tells the potential partner beautifully warm semi truths and she blushes and leans forward caressing her own chest. The smiling male bonobo winks and strokes and tries to get the female’s attention. The woman flips her hair over her shoulder and giggles on cue … Continue reading Geslachtsgemeenschap