I’m sometimes stumbling, sometimes crawling inside this girl She’s my whole world She’s sometimes breaking or carrying me I navigate the universe made up of this same girl She’s my whole world But I don’t think she cares at all to really know me She can change, she can change, she does change she ages … Continue reading Twinkies

Tippy Top

He’s one of those lion cubs taught while he was very young to never become an indebted one Its sweet that at only twenty three He thinks that he can ever pull the wool over me I know that he doesn’t want freedom or he wouldn’t let me drink his cum or his cute coat wouldn’t be … Continue reading Tippy Top

Running on E

And just maybe, a kiss from Pisinoe has the same effect that clearing off brake dust has… And just maybe, a hug from Aglaope before the sun rises has the same effect that replacing your timing belt has… And who knows, just maybe, spending the night with Thelxiepi has the same effect as removing the terminal … Continue reading Running on E