The Risk

I may not be able to get the world to listen to my heartbeats so I may never know the pleasure and pain of greatness but I can influence my family and I can continue to sing and I can extend my hand now and again to neighbors and beautify the space around me and … Continue reading The Risk

Mr. Reed or Hello, Frisky

Tennis rackets, basketballs, hackysacks, & radios Checkerboards,  the lottery, marbles and pianos These are the things that you play with sir These are the things that you can win I can’t be teased and not tamed, my dear I’m not just a recreational sin Like the sweat off of a hot pot I am a volcano when it rains It’s … Continue reading Mr. Reed or Hello, Frisky


A guy at work died. Desmond. He died Sunday Night, from what I heard.  No more getting dressed or hair combing or teeth brushing. Permanent vacation mode. Everyone looks as if they are really bent out of shape about it at the office. I am actually just a little bit jealous. It’s Tuesday. No one … Continue reading 0005

This one time

Shame on me. It’s foolish, I know. It’s childish, ever so To close my eyes and see you Sitting on the hotel bed, propped up with pillows shirtless looking at me like you haven’t eaten in weeks. Girl, let it go, let it go It was nearly ten years ago shame on me. It’s silliness, … Continue reading This one time

4:59 PM-Where art thou?

Damn it. I logged in today at 7:59, 7:59, 7:59. No overtime, no overtime, no overtime. I gotta hit the streets at 4:59! 4:59-Hurry Up 4:59-Where are you 4:59-You take forever 4:59-Jesus Fucking Christ why isn’t it… 4:59? I’ve been staring at the clock since 8 AM 4:58, you’re killing me 4:59-Come on! How long … Continue reading 4:59 PM-Where art thou?