When you scared as hell but you still wanna try To put the past on the shelf and kiss old loves goodbye So you clean out the closet and puff out your chest And whisper I’m sorry and let karma decide whats best Then you slap on shiny lipstick and say it’s all good And take … Continue reading Oldhead

Skinned knees

At the risk of sounding foolish I needed you so much that I didn’t feel whole without you. And I hated it. I hate you for allowing yourself to be my human addiction for so long watching me clinging on to the person that you pretended to be. At the risk of sounding foolish I … Continue reading Skinned knees


Quiet mornings and solemn nights Crazy moments and roving ojos Lazy habits and anecdotal lies Dreaming of other things and versions of nosotros Wishing what I can and loving only absolutes of absolutely nothing Quiet mornings and solemn nights Crazy moments and roving ojos Living for now and dinosaur ties Driving to the edge of easy cielos Wanting what … Continue reading Piqua

Today’s Sucker

I feel most comfortable in flip flops and a Wonder Woman Tee I feel comfortable when you are looking directly at me I feel triumphant when I sing falsetto soprano in the right key I feel illuminated when you do unnecessary things for me and to me and with me And I have so much … Continue reading Today’s Sucker


I feel disconnected from me and nearly empty Traveling the world makes home feel flat and fictional And you have to ask your entirety If you loved it here why would you leave? And maybe there is nothing wrong with the present But just with you and your sullied point of view That normally only sees inferiority … Continue reading Eidolon

C21 H23 NO5

He gone say, I got you And she say uh huh , sure She’s morphine to his fiend He can’t resist the pull But he never stops Never stops coming when she calls And he does whatever he promises And she gone take it all She gone take his breath and reasons She gone steal his heart … Continue reading C21 H23 NO5