When I’ve been ignored I need to recall
that I shouldn’t take it personally at all
my impulse is to scream but what has it ever gotten
Forgive, Forget, Flip the Script, Move on, and keep walkin’
If I’ve been criticized what I now have to do
I ask myself quietly, hey is any of this true
my impulse is to defend but it never changes my action
Smile, Take note and if it’s valid make traction
When plans change without notice
I must remember that isn’t on me
I don’t have to feel bad about it
the change could be a good thing
I don’t ask for help but I can’t forget
it’s a good idea to do so if the thing is important
my impulse is to go it alone no feedback is ever needed
but no human effort without support has ever succeeded
Sometimes I’ll have to talk to folk who aren’t fans
but they don’t determine my value or impact plans
my impulse is to hide away for fear of mass disapproval
but if being myself out loud hurts others I’ll just opt for removal
I have to think it all over these days to not overreact
balance in fact keeps my malevolent emotions intact
my impulse to complain and catastrophize is not worth the flight
and each new dawn I dare envision is a chance to love me right

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