Breathing Room

He was supposed to go to Hedgehog Academy. He was born for it. He knew the ins and outs of the expectations ever since he was 5. His sole caregiver, an Ant, studied diligently and fiercely to get into Hedgehog Academy and not only graduated with honors and scholarships and awards, but attended graduate school … Continue reading Breathing Room

Class of 2018

She said she loved me and I hadn’t asked her to And then I thought that’s probably something a normal mom would do And then graduation popped into my head I wouldn’t have seen this if I had been dead that made me happy and mad having no other family can be sad And no … Continue reading Class of 2018

Trophy Buck

I’m seriously considering getting a hot glue gun to fill the TSA opening on that second lock but I’m afraid that if I do this it may affect the mechanism of the lock and perhaps prevent the combination that I set from working. This frustrates me. The fact that I have to go to this … Continue reading Trophy Buck

Cone Snail

I was ravenous when I told the young one to strip and pose and send me proof for hours… and then decided to block him for a week for moving too slowly… I was pure toxin. And I was esurient when I met and flirted with the older one at dinner and drinks the same … Continue reading Cone Snail

Mop Tops

The Pelirrojo had the gift of gab He didn’t look half bad yet I got a parasite vibe and ignored it He was a bully and annoying And since I was doing him for my own entertainment Instead of engagement I threw his heart into a waste bin And I could blame him but… I’d … Continue reading Mop Tops