Trophy Buck

I’m seriously considering getting a hot glue gun to fill the TSA opening on that second lock but I’m afraid that if I do this it may affect the mechanism of the lock and perhaps prevent the combination that I set from working. This frustrates me. The fact that I have to go to this … Continue reading Trophy Buck

Keyboard Therapy

Short term sunshine slain Staring out the window at remnants of rain Tasting the opposite of the quiet side of plain He may never come again the wind sang Knowing through experience teetering insane Wishing revisits with nothing new to gain The darkness of evening moments shades the pain He may never come again the wind sang … Continue reading Keyboard Therapy


I could be mistaken but I am pretty sure that this is called an ambush. If this is love then there is definitely a dude, with a long white beard, on a golden throne, in the sky, with nothing else to do but jump to my defense when traffic is heavy on 75 and flick other … Continue reading Venery