Chip away at it… Keep grabbing more handfuls off with your mind Keep biting away at it… Drown it regularly until it erodes over time Keep shoveling way down deep into it… Throw the parts that impede you off to the side Pick away at it … Keep telling me the love that you’re feeling … Continue reading Splintery

Ignis fatuus

Don’t need a deluxe suite in the Maldives Or a country home with rows of deciduous trees I don’t need a diamond brooch or sapphire ring Although I won’t turn down either of those things So I’m sure that if I don’t have bucks in the bank I probably don’t need premium fuel in my tank I … Continue reading Ignis fatuus

Maudlin Shots

The tequila says he’ll do anything I ask But he’s not the one I asked And the one I asked just laughs And that’s just how it goes The rum claims he’ll sacrifice, He’ll pay the price He’ll lay down his life if it pleases me which ironically I would do the exact same thing … Continue reading Maudlin Shots

My 1501

No wool. No scales. Just stone. Just pressure. I can get an idea in my head I can cut and shave into the rock And make it something I can make me something I can create something Maybe even something beautiful Maybe even bring a stone to life No wallowing over regrets. Just losing fear. I … Continue reading My 1501

Skinned knees

At the risk of sounding foolish I needed you so much that I didn’t feel whole without you. And I hated it. I hate you for allowing yourself to be my human addiction for so long watching me clinging on to the person that you pretended to be. At the risk of sounding foolish I … Continue reading Skinned knees