This page is where my alter ego can be free. Her name is Pixie Lorraine Prince. She is a nice girl, if you like sluts.

If you are easily offended by drug references, sex, sex by yourself, sex with other people, sex with politics, sex with music and sex with sex then feel free to read and comment on my blog. You probably need a release like this more than most.

I will post pictures here, poems, lies, half truths, songs and anything else I damn well please that moves me in the moment. It might be about Pixie, or it might be about you.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it. I like a woman who shoots from the hip. Too few around. Everyone’s always walking on eggshells. News Flash: The eggs are already broken!

    1. Thanks for noticing…I think the writer’s mission should be to express what others may feel but be afraid to say… and my alter Pixie, for a lack of a more eloquent phrase, ain’t afraid of shit.

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