Passion Project Interview: Howard

Pixie and I met at the Main Event Bar on the Westside of INDY. I believe it was a Blackplanet online hookup.

After the bar we went back to my spot and drank a lil more.

And my tongue went slowly around her brand on her chest.

Yes, Pixie and I have had sex- the last time she was in Indy.  She was at staying at her Gram’s, met her at the bar again. Went back to the apartments, had a smoke, and I started touching her. Then it was on and popping again. And it’s always good, makes me hard thinking about it now.

Of course,  I believe in soul mates but I think you can have more than one soul mate. Some people just click together.

I think the worst thing that  happened between us was Pixie constantly running in and out of my life.

My perfect one night stand will involve lots of money, drinking, having sex everywhere, multiple times…a limo, hotel room, back alley after the club etc.

My ideal partner is Serena Williams.  I would love to kick it with Serena Williams- make her scream like she does on the court.

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