Passion Project Interview: Johnny Dutch

I know Pixie from undergraduate school.

Yeah we’ve had sex. Every time was in Indianapolis though. Absolutely I had a good time. Pixie could definitely do some things that turned me on. I couldn’t tell if she was into me or not. She had some addictive love making, very passionate- it left me like wow – I’m still talking about it all these years later…I like thick sisters. Y’know. It was daylight when we was fucking, at my sister’s house, and I was on my back and we were into it and she turned around ass facing me and started riding, just going in, I was just like, Wow.

Yeah, I believe that there are soul mates. I believe God created soul mates.

The worst thing was I left her over this dude’s crib. I can’t remember why.

If I could have a perfect one night with somebody it would probably be with Pixie and it would be just me and her this time, and I don’t know, I would just get her turned on, ‘cause when she’s turned on, it’s a wrap. It was always like an adventure. Best sex I ever had at school.

Jill Scott. Because, she is on Pixie’s profile, LOL. But other than that Serena Williams is the ideal physical partner.

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