Passion Project Interview: Yusef



Before I knew your name I fucked you. Thats how I know you

Long long time ago Pixie and I had sex. Indeed, it was enjoyable. We did pretty much anything and everything.

I do believe in soul mates. Those who you meet in this life time are intentionally place there by the universe for self mastery. When we realize this, we see that our relationships with others has evolved over thousands, maybe even millions of years.

We’ve never done anything negative towards each other. With the exception of neither of us acknowledged each other in public, but it was mutual.

For the perfect one night stand I would be drunk and high – yet functional – but to the point of a comlpete blackout, and the whole thing would be on tape. Wow,I’d like to see that in replay. It would be in lavish hotel suite. Conversation would take place and then we wake up. We’ll have to watch the tape to see how it went down.

My ideal partner would be a woman like Jill Scott… she has all the curves, the smile, and she’s can curl your toes with just her voice. Crown Royal on ice.

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