Passion Project Interview: Giovanni



Pixie and I were involved in an on and off relationship for a few years.

Pixie and I have had lots of sex. If I remember correctly it started out cool then ended horribly bad. This was about 14 years ago, hell I dunno.

Yes I do believe in soul mates. I simply believe that there is someone who is compatible at a very high level for everyone.

I think the worst thing that Pixie and I have ever done to each other was disregarded each others feelings.

My Perfect one night stand: So Im at the club sippin Absolute and Red Bull… And I spot this incredible looking woman sitting at the bar watching me. I approach her and she gives me this huge, bright smile as if she has been waiting for me all her life. We begin talking. As the night goes on we notice that even beyond the obvious animal attraction, we have a lot in common. But then the alcohol catches up. The Ciroc and grapefruit that she was drinking has out paced her coolness. My Absolute and Red Bull has grown wings. WE’RE READY TO LEAVE. I grab her hand she looks me in the eyes…. (Back at my apartment) I turn the handle to my apartment and we both stumble in giggling. The door shuts behind us. She drops her purse and I drop my keys and we both fall on my brown leather couch. I like my lips like I always do when I’ve had too many Long Islands. We noticed simultaneously that the whole time our hands have never let go of each other. We get lost in that feeing. Our eyes touch again and we begin this deep passionate kiss, while gropping each other. And just as fast as it begins, I yell “STOP”! She says, “whats wrong”? I tell her to stand up. “Let me look at you”. So, she very coolly and confidently stands. The lamp that I left on provided the proper light for the occasion, dim… But you could see everything. She was 5’6, 135lbs. VERY shapely tho. Reminds you of something out of XXL magazine. Creamy brown skin, slanted eyes, her lips looks as if they were made for perpetual kissing. She had the deepest set of dimples I’ve ever seen. Her waist was virtually nonexistent but her breast and ass more than made up for it. And all she had on was a simple red sun dress. She shined accordingly. Her hair was long and curly and black as the night. When we looked at each other, we traveled through distant galaxies. I thought to myself, would this be love or a fantastic fuck waiting to happen. I would have made a firm decision had it not been for the alcohol witch effects’ was slowly tappering off. She turned around for me and said, “you like”? I said, “No, needs more sugar”. She straddled me and said, “Then give me some.” Her huge ass felt perfect in my hands, our lips danced and loved each other. Our tongues played together. She even felt like she belonged to me but we just met. I grab and pull her hair kissing her neck. Her nipples stood at attention through her dress. I didn’t even wait for her to take the dress off. I sucked her nipples with the dress on. We breath deeply. She moaned for me, I sucked her neck. She touched herself. The passion built up inside her quickly, she because so impatient with my clothing. She took her dress off and the harps began to play. The woman I saw before was an angel… Now she was a godess. Black heels and a red thong. nothing else. Her body was immaculent, not a flaw anywhere. I grabbed her huge breast with both hands, stuck my face between them and inhaled. There would be nothing of this woman that I wouldnt experience tonight. I got up off the couch holding her and laid her down. She was breathing so deeply that it seemed as if we shared a limited air space, my breath chased hers. I grabbed her thighs and spread them, watching her anticipation. Her neatly trimmed pussy was beautiful. I kissed her lips, her pussy kissed me back with so much wettness. I watched her, she squeezed her titts and keep looking. I slid my tongue inside, it tasted so good. My tongue woulnt search for the pearl and be successful. She smiled at my discovery. I sucked on it, I tongued it, I kissed it, I loved it. I reached up with my right hand and stuck my middle finger in my mouth, she was more than pleased to recieve it. She gave me a preview of what my dick had to look forward to. She sucked my finger so good that my dick became invious. He wanted some too, but I was not yet done pleasing US. I took my wet finger and stuck it in her wet pussy while sucking on her pearl. Fantastic. She grabbed my head, I stiffened my tongue. We made this smooth up and down motion together. I was working, she was leaking all over my couch and I didn’t car at all. She moaned loudly, but yet she sounded so delicate. With a very low but smooth voice I said, “this is so good, you should taste it”. With out hesitation she sprang up, grabbed me, and kissed me deeply. She sucked my tongue as if she was demanded to. Then she got up and said with pure rigor, “get those clothes off”! I jumped to my feet like the red coats were coming. Kicked my shoes off, took my shirt and pants off. She snatched my boxers from me and pushed me down. I was on one end of the couch and she grabbed my thighs to anchor herself, her ass stuck in the air the other way and she grabbed a hand full of dick. She licked the tip, then inhaled the whole thing. Wow. Wait… No gag reflex? She would go up and down the full length of my dick effortlessly, pausing at certain points without even missing a beat. She cupped my balls, caressing them perfectly. Not too hard, just right. She suck, she bobbed, she licked, it was beautiful. It was as if she new how I felt at every momment. She knew when to speed up, and knew when to slow down. When she sucked my balls, it was as if she had a deep affection for them… All the while stroking me. Then she would stop and stroke my dick while she sucked on my nipple. I thought, wait, who told her that?’ Then she said lay down. I laid down on the couch, she straddled me slowly. We are locked on each others eyes. My dick slid into her wet throbbing pussy effortlessly. I felt like I was home. She moaned as if she had finally found her key. As she rolled her ass, she would slid all the way up to the tip before comming back down. I guided her up and down gripping her ass. Her breast fell in my face and her left nipple landed in my mouth and I sucked for dear life with my tongue in every bit of the action. I turned her over getting on top. The look on her face was “Im being taken advantage of and I love it, take me”. Bone deep in her pussy was my starting point. As I slid out, she grabbed my back saying, “No no no, please dont stop”. I said, “Im not going anywhere”. I started beating. Her pants told me she wanted it. Our bodies created a melody matched only by Rhiannas song, CAKE. Her wetness was everywhere and I wanted more on me. I got off. Slid her to the edge of the couch where her ass is hanging off. I grabbed her by her ankles and began to beat it up some more. The clapping was loud. She got louder. Off in the distance I could her someone in the hallway saying, “Damn, you hear that?” He killin her. A few minutes later, I stopped. I just looked at her. She laid there, helpless. Shaking, humming, squeezing her breast, squeezing her pussy. I knew the only thing that would help was more dick. I turned her on her side. I bent her legs cause I wanted her ass to stick out. I went inside. She moaned like it felt so much better now. I fucked her from the side, squeezing her hard nipples. Watching how her body creams and jiggles. By now, I had reached the boiling point. I needed to release, I needed to cum. I told her so. She pleaded, “Cum baby, cum all over me… cum inside me… Give it to me, oh god!” I pulled out and began to spray. All over her ass, on her titts, on her back. She grabbed my dick and started sucking whatever was left. She held my balls and just let my dick go in and out her mouth. She pulled my dick out and rubbed it all over her face. Her nipples had cum on them and she sucked it off. She swallowed my cum, she was happy to. Her body swooned all around, tears were in her eyes. She said she was still coming. She said, “You know you can hit this anytime you want right”? I said sure. She got up, showered. Got dressed and left. I noticed the next morning that she left a business card on the table. Her name was Naveah. Oh yea… I forgot, I never asked!

Hmmm if I had to think of an ideal celebrity, I’d say Esther Baxter. From a physical standpoint, She’s almost dead on.

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