If I hadn’t shown up on your doorstep, no one would have been around to drive you to work when your car was stolen.
If your car hadn’t been stolen you would have went to that club with your friends that was shut down when one of the patrons shot the bartender.
If that club hadn’t been shut down we would never have seen the comedy stand up audition flyer at the bar across town.
If you hadn’t performed your one man stand-up routine, I would never have thought the number 456 was funny or played it in the local lottery…and won.
You just never know what if what is happening will lead to happiness or tragedy… or even if there is a clear difference between the two….
I’d have never bought that car and wrecked on the freeway had I not won the lottery….And I would have never ended up on your doorstep in the first place…. 

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