Its cold outside.

Were sitting on the porch smoking a blunt.

A girl, who probably weighs 250 pounds when she lies about her weight, bursts from the apartment lobby, frustrated-

She lights a Newport and argues with herself.

Pointing at the snow like it hurt her feelings.

Her hair is in a pony tail and she is sweating from cleaning.

We can smell the bleach.

She is yelling at the snow that she was the one who

Washed the dishes and cleaned the house and

paid the bills and still no one noticed.

Dinner is on the table and still he didn’t come home.

We toke and admire her frustration.

My cousin says, watching her pace back and forth,


A M.I.S in distress….

I choke and pass, What’s a M.I.S? I ask.

She wipes her forehead like she’s a damn slave,

turns to see us and rolls her eyes.

This is the invitation.

She smokes furiously now like its the last square on earth.

A “Move In Special” He explains…

Is a big lonely chick.

A fat unhappy broad.

Who has

All her own shit and is only missing one thing-

‘Cause she got a roof of her own

I was born three hours ago.

And she got a car of her own.

Her eyes are big and hungry.

And she got a job of her own.

And she even has a kid on her own.

Just one thing ain’t there-

What I ask?

“A man,” He smiles.

I look at her again and I see it.

She looks like only a man who hates her can make her happy.

My cousin, who doesn’t smoke cigarettes jumps up like he the won the lottery.

I have a full pack but he saunters over to her and asks her for one.

She is flattered and dips her hip to the left so he can check

Out her curve in this cold weather.

Predator coaxes prey.

I can’t tell which is who.

She giggles and says uh uhn but her eyelashes say yes.

Everything changes so quickly I am unaware.

He comes back with her number in hand,

As she sashays back inside the building

Feeling attractive and confident and grown-

And now my homeless cousin has

somewhere to sleep for the next 4 months.

Insecurity kissed desperation and 

Sad self sufficient shawty is in love again

Caught up again-

With another brotha happy she got a soft ass and a sofa.

It’s colder now.

One response to “M.I.S.”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    Sad situation but could be so true at times


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