Jesus Jones

Original Photos provided by PMMA


Fashionably forgotten

Ten seconds too late

Quickly perpetrated and devoured

Delicious pop culture fluffy pancakes

Imminent figures of this generation’s imagination

signed and sold

surfaced and surrendered

designed by the psyche of the bored and weak

into flip book heroism for the reality show creep




click click camera sainthood all for me

and I dream about you

I dream dreams from tv screens

entertained by square jaws

and tight jeans

Click click camera shape my fantasy

A ruse to prove the populous

will take what they can get

will love who they are told

will rape a sheep in their sleep

We are all your facinated

The victims of the media

are fans easily enthralled

And we will forget your movies

and we will forget your songs

when Jake Gylhanhall

and Justin Beiber come along

tomorrow you are nothing

just like me

crumble crumble death

click click camera

killed the soul

signed and sold

surfaced and surrendered

Quickly perpetrated and devoured

Over and Over

You are as new

as Jesus Jones is old

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