It’s cute, the way a little kid is cute when he says “fuck” for the first time at age 2 in front of your Bible study group.

The answer to your prayers, the reason the sky is blue, why you don’t have a job…

He knows.

You smile, and it seems like you’re egging him on when really you’re just being polite.

And you want to kill yourself.

It’s cute, like the first pine tree air freshener that survived in the first car you wrecked when you were 16.

Why the economy sucks, why you are fat, why there is no god…

He knows.

You nod because you’d like to trick him into thinking you love him and it feels like you’re a groupie.

And you don’t own any arsenic.

People are stupid and life is nothing and you sleep next to a modern day Buddha.

It’s cute, because if you get mad, or when you argue- he will think you are even further beneath him than he already assumes.

How the secret government works, how to truly get protein, the right posture…

He knows.

And god bless him.

Without him, you’d probably be a happily fucked up millionaire.

Without him, you’d probably be happy.

Without him, you’d probably BE.

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