Hey Mama, it’s not your fault

You have to be more than you are

You have to be a mother, and a friend, and a wife

You have to be a superwoman every single day

And it’s not enough that you take care of your kids

And the neighbors’ raggedy kids

It’s not enough that you make cookies for PTA meetings

And work 5 jobs only two of which you get paid for

Its not enough that you take care of your man and his family and his friends neglecting yourself

And keep the house clean- no…Mama

On top of it all you have to be a fucking commercial catalog day dream

You have to be a supermodel in an apron

With a bus pass

And no one is willing to give you a break for all you do

So to help you out, you find a nice local beauty supply store

And tuck your long healthy braids underneath a 3/4 length European style curly wig

And get fake lashes

And hazel colored contacts

And press on nails

So that for one second they all can see that even on top of all you do

You can look like a photograph too

And still run the entire operation in heels when your feet hurt.

You don’t want him running off to be with some pretty young thing, right?

You are the soul of the whole entire world

And you got to make it look like a soft porn

So hold it all together, baby-

I’m sorry Mama but this is the way that it is.

But at night,

When you have been all you could be

And you are ready to rest

And your ankles hurt

And the kids are asleep

And your man has been fed

And that stupid weave is itching

You can be yourself

Before the world starts begging for you to be a super heroine

Cosmic Black Barbie Doll

You can do something that no one else can do

You can take it all off

Like Superman takes off those dumb glasses.

Because that’s when you shine the brightest

And if no one ever tells you thank you

For cleaning the dishes and the toilets with a manicure

For running errands during your lunch break to buy more toothpaste and lingerie

Thank you.

And you make it look so damn easy, don’t you?

Who you are underneath the costume

Who you are underneath the names momma, sister, auntie, wife, diva

Black Cosmic Barbie Doll

Is beautiful

So hold it all together, baby

You have to be more than you are.

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