Man One: Can I get some of that sticky icky icky this weekend?

Man Two: What’s up Cherry Cup?

Man Three: Hello Brown Sugar!

Man Four: On my way to the beach to reflect on my mistakes. I never should have left you. I’m sorry.

Man Five: Come pick up grocery money and make me something to eat I’m starving over here!

Man Six: You rarely call me. You’re full of shit.

Man Seven: I’m thinking about a career change. An escort. I’m sure you have some connects and I wanna come to Vegas to see you. Are you still with that dude?

Man Eight: If a deaf person goes to court is still considered a hearing?

Man Nine: Kangaroos cannot jump backward.

Man One: All day I just want to fuck you.

Man Eight: Your environment is full of stimuli. Just look around and absorb it all.

Man Five: Cook Something.

Man One: I want to put your breast in my mouth.

Man Four: Can I come over? We need to talk about this.

Man Two: What’cha doin’, luv?

Man Six: I know I’m young but damn you can call back when I call you.

Man One: Slowly lick your nipples and make your eyes roll back in your head. I love when you do that.

Man Three: It’s hard not to fall in love with you, you know that?

Man One: I been lifting too so I can pick you up and press you on the wall.

Man Seven: Last time we really talked you had moved back home. Hmmm…is business good out in Vegas for male escorts?

Man Three: You are such a sweet lady.

Man Nine: I will just assume that all of your poems are about me because it’s all about me anyway.

Man One: All of that ass going up and down on this dick.

Man Four: An Eye for an Eye, huh? That’s how you’re living now?

Man Two: Yeah baby, it’s on, like a pot of neck bones!

Man Four: Hello? Answer the phone! Hey! I’m knocking!

Man One: I really miss your pussy you got the best sex I ever had.

Man Three: Soul mates, I swear.

Man Eight: What do you really want?

Man Eight: What do you really want?

Man Eight: What do you really want?

Just you.

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