One fizzy soul mate per customer coming right up

Original Photograph by PMMA



I’m trying to understand the notion of THE soulmate.

As of now there are at least 7 billion of us on this shining water ball.

About 3 billion who are date-able.

About 1 billion that speak my language.

About 1 million in my age range who also watched the Electric Company as a kid and really like Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream as much as I do and have multiple tattoos.

About 700,000 who would like me if they met me.

About 100,000 that I have run across on a regular basis and ignored.

And of those, about 10,000 who would love me.

Possibly 2500 of those at least, would love me for ever. For life.

I’m sure that I would be attracted to at least 2000 of them.

I’d probably only love about 1000 of them back.

1000 at minimum to choose from. A thousand different fizzy drinks.

Try a few discard a few try a few more.

How could only one be the perfect match?



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