When Moody Met Mayhem or If Poetry was a Person…


Hi. I’m Moody.

I am called Mayhem. I’m glad to meet you, Moody.

How do you know that you are glad to meet me?

You’re beautiful.

Oh, well, Sometimes, I suppose, gee, thanks.

I’m sure you’d like to know a bit more about me, right?

Sure, yes, I guess, only if you want to share, more.

Let me describe myself.

Well, okay, there is more than what I can see then, I take it?

Much more,-I am fierce, darling.

Ooh. Oh. Um, like, fire?

Yes, I’m made of ferocious blazing liquid fire.

Sounds dangerous, a little.

It is but it’s safe, trust me, the blaze is encompassed in brilliant smiles.

That, I can see, dangerously safe fire smiles…um alright so do you come here often?

I am everywhere. My soul floats above this room. Touch me. I’m cold yet simultaneously supple.

This is really uh, okay like the duality, that is a nice touch thank you for that ..AKA, crazy town… a shot of whiskey please?

No, listen, my soft and voluptuous lips taste like your favorite poison, does a sexy death make you crazy?

I usually don’t consume poison, so I would venture a yes, yes it does… crazy and dead… Actually… it sounds a little like you want to kill me there, Mayhem… But we just met and I haven’t threatened to call and not called yet so…

My skin oozes heavenly aura, Moody, feel deeper.

Ha! Uhm no, I think I have felt deeply enough, uhm..How fascinated can one person be with herself? Sheesh!

I’m crystal clear and priceless, sweet one, even diamonds are worth less.

I see what you did there with the diamond thing, sure okay but actually you sound a bit obsessive and absurd…right now so whatever you are drinking, switch it please with water, okay, there, Mayhem?

I am the moon and water and love crystallized.

Not sure if that is really very attractive in person.

I’m am laughter’s sister and I drink magic and madness.

This probably isn’t going to work out, check please?

Wait, seriously these drinks are on you, right Moody? Fierce fire doesn’t carry a lot of cash.


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