Thank You Notes For The Men I Love


To my own personal Deepak Chopra- Thank you. There are so many times in the past twenty years when I didn’t see much of you and still I feel the same. You have such a deeply rooted positive energy about you that is so refreshing and beautiful. I am lucky to know you. And even though we will probably never be together the way that you would like for us to be in your heart, just know that having you in my life makes me a better woman. Whenever I feel sad for no reason you remind me that there is sweetness and sunshine to be grateful for. Thank you for taking care of my soul.

To my own personal Mr. Incredible- Thank you. I would probably be dead if I didn’t secretly love you so much. Your happiness challenges me to continually try and find my own and I will always have the strongest unrequited crush on you. Your brain should be edible. We are the same. I look at you and everything dirty about me is acceptable. I talk to you and every emotion is mirrored. When you succeed I do too. When you find love, even when it is not with me, I find it as well. My secret jealousy of you propels me to try and achieve what you have, although even you don’t see how great you are. You are just being yourself. And the fact you are not afraid to do that is incredibly attractive. I adore you. Thank you for taking care of my mind.

To my own personal Isaac Mizrahi- Thank you. You are a vision of loveliness and it is amazing how many people’s lives you touch everyday. I have never met a man so unafraid. I love that you have never met an enemy, only friends. You make all of us look better, you make the world seem more welcoming and they shy girl inside me that no one knows dies every time you and I are together. I’m open when you are around and I am so grateful that you found me. I would do anything to live in your shine. Thank you for taking care of my spirit.

To my own personal Tyler Perry- Thank you. The universe chose me to bring you into the world and honey you are the most fabulous thing I have ever made. And I know people underestimate your greatness because you are young and it is an unconventional style, but I would not exist if it were not for taking care of you. You are the most important thing to me on this planet and you have so much wisdom for your age. I can’t wait to see what fantastic things that you develop, design and create with your life and I hope that I am at least a small positive influence in your existence. You keep me going. Thank you for letting me be your mother.

And Finally to my own personal Sherlock Holmes- Thank you. You are the maddest craziest egomaniac this side of me. And the fact that you put up with me, and my nutty ways, and my silly fantasies and still find me intriguing is beyond me. You have your finger on the pulse of the intricate design of the whole world and the more I push against the truth the more it overtakes me. I am in awe of you in so many ways and no matter how I try to escape you I can’t. I won’t. I can not be free if you are not with me. I feel pain with you but so much pleasure. You are the other half of me whether I will ever admit it out loud or not. Thank you for taking care of my heart.


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