Random things he said…

At one month:

You’re extremely beautiful, just my type.

At three months:

Take your clothes off.

At Five months:

No, I do like to cuddle, with you.

At Ten months:

Take off your clothes.

At a year and a half:

Thank you.

At month 20:

Clothes, really?

At twenty two months:

No, go ahead, you can have mine.

Fast forward, Fast, Faster, Fastest

At 5 years:

What are you wearing?

At 63 months:

You’re too old to wear that!

At 69 months:

Shut up, its not that serious.

At 7 years:

Are you wearing that?

At 7 and a half years:

I wasn’t listening to you, was it important?

At 88 months:

Grow a pair of balls, and stop crying!

At 8 years:

You’re a fat bitch.


3 thoughts on “Random things he said…

      1. This is so true, the things that first attracted me to my boyfriend were all the things which pushed us apart after a few years. I guess it just depends what the characteristics are and what their other qualities are.

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