Carmel covered cherry pit eyes

(But he doesn’t love me)

And honey coated cinnamon bun hair

(I wish that he loved me)

And whipped cream smooth hips

(How could he love me?)

Over easy bake oven caky thighs

(Will he ever love me?)

Dusted powdered sugar smile

(I need him to love me)

It all feels so dainty and petite

(Love me, love me)

A tiny chocolate truffle kiss

(I think he should love me)

Fattening me poisoning me

(I want him to love me)

Stuffed and sick, seven layered mocha brain

( Torture me)

Thinking only thoughts of blue candy floss

(He likes to torture me)

Drizzled meringue words seep

(He really wants to torture me)

From butter pecan lips

(Lie to me, Lie to me)

When he turns me into a gingerbread woman

(Stay with me please?)

Every time he looks at me

(His eyes say he loves me)

A corn syrup coma death

Is the sweetest of the sweet.

One response to “Diabetic coma”

  1. smitten Avatar

    So very true… Love this ❤


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