A Man

A Man.

My excuses have always been about a man.

The reason I haven’t reached as far as I can, I must admit has been about a man.

Well, back at the beginning it was my step dad and my real dad

One I didn’t see and one I wished would go to hell

And I used that as my reason to constantly look for love in the arms of someone who

would disappear

or that I couldn’t stand….

A Man.

I lead my life at the whim of a man.

Sometimes I loved him sometimes I just can’t, but I used him anyway some man.

I fell in love a million times with the boy outside my reach

either he didn’t like me had a girl or knew how wrong it would be

And finally i married a man who hadn’t even asked

he had been a whore and drunk like his dad

But I looked right past

A Man.

I’ve given my freedom up to any man

None of them really ever forced my hand

I couldn’t stand myself, so I took on a man..

So Now, finally I want to be free

single as I can be

focusing solely on me

But that is a fantasy

because I have one more thing I must do…

I must be,

I have a man.

He’s only 12 but he is still a man

I have to do whatever it is I can, to protect my little man

from the harsh realities of the world hopefully he can stand

on his own two and a respectable man

and he wont run into the arms of a sad girl like me,

Oh a man.

It never ends It never ends again

I live my life for just  one more man

one more man, indeed.

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