When I touch him

We both know

You and I

that I pretend his hands feel

Like your hands once did

On cold mornings…

Watch me love you

His breathtaking kisses

taste like yours used to

And I’m on my knees reminiscing fiction

Begging you to never stop

When he presses his flesh into mine

My heart howls for you

And wherever you really are

Whatever crowded park or topless bar

Whatever empty church or child’s recital

I know that you hear my voice instantly

In your soul

Loudly and clearly

And passionately

Watch me love you

Exclaiming take me baby

And for all intents and purposes

I demand that you

watch our relationship grow strong and flourish

because the more I treat him like a king

The better you should feel

Watch me love you

Because its just a theater act

Just acting Just acting

The bed is a stage

Just acting Just acting

And wherever you are

Watch me love you

You are the star…

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