In the meantime

While I wait…

I can get myself into a shape that makes me feel and look the best I can.

I can call my family members that I love just to shoot the breeze and catch up on their lives instead of being so absorbed with my own.

I can buy a string of beads and make a bracelet to match a pair of shoes I dyed.

I can go for a walk in the evenings and listen to the traffic and smile at dogs chained up in back yards.

I can paint my finger nails and toe nails in the bathtub while listening to soft jazz surrounded by vanilla candles.

I can close my eyes and imagine the lover and the life that I want and call them into being.

I can read my favorite book again or go to a thrift store and try and find a new favorite.

I can listen to my son tell me stories about how great is new video game is and how mean his science teacher is.

I can practice drawing the lotus tattoo I want that I have been putting off.

I can write my dad a  letter and send him pictures of las vegas.

I can take myself to a karaoke bar grab the mic and sing Love Don’t Live here Anymore.

I can crank up the Incubus tracks and clean my house.

There are a zillion things that I can do in the meantime.

None of which include sitting by the phone.

Better yet …

I can just stop waiting

and live.


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