And then the day began.

Your shoes were gone, your side of the bed, cold.

And then I recalled suddenly, abruptly, that

You hadn’t been there at all.

You’d moved on

years ago

to a little town

in a tiny state

with a little pretty wolf

on your arm

walked away clean

with all my love and dreams

in tow

ideas and plans

to make what we almost had

her reality.

And then I noticed I was crying

not because I had done anything wrong

not because I loved you so hard it bled

from my nose

not because I’d have shattered the moon

to shards to fabricate a Magi’s comb

if that’s all I had to give

But because regardless of my perfect sacrifice

it was just the wrong size

the wrong color

the wrong time

And then I accepted that I would wait.

I will wait.

Until this life is over and the new one begins

just like the day.

Until the alignment of the wind and the stars

shift you full circle

back to me

Until then, until the end of time

When you love me


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