Untitled Rant

The first victim was me
In 1993
When I was seventeen
showered with your sticky words
just a boy behind those wild eyes
and lies
and I swallowed all of it inside
everything I heard
A heifer hanging on your every verb
not noticing the conveyor belt
under my feet
carrying me quietly
up slaughterhouse street
fortunately I fell down
accidentally breaking free
by sacrificing the unwanted calf
you planted in me
giving me a new job, your lost one
the one the rest would have to beat
making me the poster child of your disease
victims all they shall be
and then you met her
spiderwebs spun
about how I hurt you
lies and killing your son
you said
years ago and before she knows
she gave her womb as entrance fee
even she is quoted as blaming me
when you left her and her blooming seeds
for greener pastures to move onto
victim three
same age as we were in high school
when you spun her into a fool
more children born who look like you
than national debt it seems
but she wasn’t I, again you lied
as she faded into the background
of victim four
your latest score
banging at her door
to sprinkle more kids around the country
with your face and not your name
And you claim
the one you lost is where you got your start
breeding then leaving in the dark

when victim one

who lost your son

broke your heart…


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