Inline Skate

I feel like listening to the Beach Boys

And pawning my treadmill for cash

Then cutting all of my hair off and dying the roots purple

With only Coronas and limes in my system

As I knick a pair of roller blades from some park bench

to pull a Forrest Gump 2012 and just roll

across the United States, worry-free

collecting lovers for warmth in every state

and free tattoos for the memories

But what will end up happening

Is I will put on some Christmas Carols

Bake a batch of store bought cookies

And pull my hair back into a tight teacher bun

As I cut wrapping paper and fold it carefully

to conceal gifts that will be forgotten in moments

At a celebration with people who hate me 364 days out of the year

smiling gayly and yawning

Scratching my nicotine patch

under my forest green icicled sweater

Wishing I had purple hair- blading on the Santa Monica Pier

Instead of a cup full of cheer….



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