Its all only about bread.

Want some, take some, got some

Whom shall we dine on?

What will we consume?

We are what we eat.

Pass the butter, baby…


Bread is all it’s about.

Want some, take some, got some

We shall dine on the marrow of our ancestors

We will consume every single living thing

Life exists because we eat.

Money moves because we’re starving

We don’t care what has to happen

Pass the sugar, baby..


What else is there to love?

Do you have a bit to spare?

Want some, take some, got some

Who else can I be besides full?

Am I not happy when I’m not hungry?

Eating away at every little scrap

Feed me brains, brawn or beauty but I

will still need nothing more from you then


Keep it simple, Keep it cold

Pass the honey, baby…

or leave me to die alone.


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