Once upon a break up…

You’re one in a million but you don’t give me a reason to love you he says.
Punch a hummingbird in the throat and you will contract rabies.
That is how stupid this sounds.
He says I’m not a cool bitch. A cool what? A what, who?
I’m more passionate about watching my pubic hair dry. No Seriously.
He says that I make him act out because I think that I am better than him but
I truly am a gift.
Poppycock and loony tunes.
Every morning I am a bright star and every evening, toast.
This cream of bull shit doesn’t even look, smell, taste or move like love would anymore.
I don’t want to hang on while you change faces.
You club baby seals and then knit them afghans.
I’d prefer a trap door emergency exit.

I’m not Nelly and still, WHOA!

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