Root Canal

People climb mountains.
Brave the most treacherous storms at sea.
Build bridges and skyscrapers from nothing but ideas.
Conceive and birth other humans…
And all of that is easy.
All of that is a walk in the park.
I wish that I could do any of those things-
or all of them-
blindfolded, with no hands
a million times in a row
than do what I actually have to do…
which is imagine the book of my life
where you were no longer involved in a chapter.
The toughest thing in the world
is to say goodbye to the one that you love
and I would give anything to not have to
I’d rather ride a seal to the ocean floor
I’d rather walk to Mars.
But like a dead tooth must be pulled
I must yank you out by force
Deal with the swelling
and forever tongue the hole in absentia
I miss you already.
And I just want you to know
This is the hardest thing that humanity has ever done
And I wish it weren’t so
But since I can’t breathe any longer with you
I have to break my own heart.


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