Always after the fact…

Look at him, looking dumb, face all frowned up All he wants is all of you, every single drop
Watch him, eyes bulge, every time you sway or sweat
All he needs is all of you, just to get by
And you brush him off, brush him away
For the big bad wolf that won’t look at your face And you look at him, looking dumb, your face all frowned up
Cause all you want is him, all of him, every single drop
And he uses you up empties you like a cup and leaves you sad and gray
With your eyes bulged and your face wrinkled
Nothing more to say and then you sit back
always after the fact
Wishing for that guy who was sprung, the one young and dumb
Who only needed all of you, just to get by
And now even he has moved on, your beauty gone
Nothing left to hook em by
You’ve grown older, you’ve gained weight, the wolf already ate
and nothing is left but your bone Had you known, the one you resented for loving you whole
Would be with you now, sitting at home
Watching you fade, eyes bulging every time you cough or moan
All he needed was all of you, and look at you, all alone.

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