Hey Beer,

 I hope things are well. Was it you that has been calling and leaving messages? I’m sorry that  I haven’t spoken to you in a little while. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’m not technically avoiding you, or anything.
It’s not because you did anything wrong, like you think, you know how it goes, its me, not you.
I still love you, you know I always will.
Don’t cry.
Lately you have just been getting so emotional and so attached and so possessive and it’s a little frustrating because having an open relationship was your idea.
I will be honest with you because we said that we would never lie to each other.
I am very fond of Wine.
And it’s not like we stay up all night and you know, go to karaoke bars like you and I do, its not the same.
Wine doesn’t mind kicking it for a quiet evening in the hot tub, you know, or just reading a book in the bath.
I like Wine okay, I do, but you are my first love.
You got me through undergraduate school, Beer, you know I couldn’t live without you.
I mean, it was your suggestion that I see other alcohols and you were right, I’m not in a sorority house any more for heaven’s sake and the pot belly, the pot belly is starting to show.
So let’s just say we are slowing down, okay. That’s all. You take some “you” time, I mean I know Summer blends are going to be coming out soon and you have to get ready for that.
I’m just saying if I show up to a BBQ and you are there, we aren’t going to ignore each other, come on, we were always friends first, right?
Tell you what, why don’t you come over this weekend, it’s a holiday and I have Monday off. We can get together and have some good times, like we did before, alright?
Everything is fine.
Just know, my love, that Wine is a part of my life now, okay?
But no one can ever replace you.
Don’t tell Whiskey.
I love you,

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