10. Pretend to be in love with your worst enemy on earth until you really are.
9.   Scour the globe and every ancestry site online until you find your doppelganger.
8.   Make a rum cake with three times the rum , rum icing, rum sprinkles covered in rum sauce.
7.   Read your favorite novel again, cover to cover but backward.
6.   Liquefy your rum cake and serve it over rum ice-cream.
5.   Borrow something important from someone with no intention of returning it.
4.   Tell everyone you are fifteen years older so they can be impressed by how good you look.
3.   Wrap the thing you borrowed and give it to the person you borrowed it from as a present.
2.   Claim your doppelganger was in love with your worst enemy, not you.
1. Forget every lie he ever told, every lie you ever heard and move on…

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