He said, my expectations were too high
there is no such guy, ain’t no guy bae,
no such guy who
Gone run no bathwater for you
Sit up and hold doors open for you
The melody of your song is wrong
You wanna damn fantasy, chivalry is gone!
I was sick about it- wondering whatever happened to…

that guy, you know… that guy,
that guy who
Didn’t let nobody talk shit to you
Did everything he could to provide for you
Had a head for plans and eyes just for you
Did the melody of the song simply die
Was he right and it was all a childish lie?
So I let that go, I let him go
I let negativity go and stopped wondering
stopped hunting, started focusing
on being that gal, you know… that gal
that gal who
waited on herself hand and foot
with her nose in a book, ignoring the crowds
who followed her dreams into the clouds
who took care of who she was inside and out
and solidified what she was about
then after starting again
Wouldn’t you know, wouldn’t you guess
After cleaning up my own mess
That guy was out there…looking for me
Would you believe?
Its true.
There he was, The guy,
My guy, you know… the “right” guy,
that guy who
had no problem sharing his dreams with me
couldn’t imagine spending another day without me
wanted to build sky castles dedicated to me
He takes his time and wines and dines
and thinks his world revolves around my thighs
Sweet talks my mind and follows through
He’s humming my melody, my soul tune!
And I’m giddy. Cause I already knew…
when people tell you what you can’t do
what you can’t have,who you can’t be
forcing you into a box of bleak realities
Don’t let their unhappiness leak onto you
hit delete, minus, backspace, bye boo
then repeat, refresh and redo
your own life, your own soul
with what you know is right
enjoy your life, be that light,
honey, he will come along
because your heart just isn’t wrong…
Listen to your own song
And before you know it, it’ll be
its not a fantasy cause it happened to me…

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