Drinking with Jesus

No, No, You misunderstood, mommy

Sure, yeah, I said that she was pretty

We only held hands, blame it, not me

The tequila, the tequila!!! I’m guilt free

The fault ain’t mine, she was the lime

It was just the one time, in college, I think

and then maybe one more, or two, I’d had a drink

No, see it wasn’t how it looked or seemed to be

She’s beautiful and shit, she hit on me,

that’s all, I want what you want for me

And its not a big deal

to have cake over meat

Who doesn’t like something sweet and pink

or some other pussy analogy, I cant think

The brewski, The brewski! I couldn’t be

It only happens when I have alcohol in me

So what, if I think some girls are hot

Sure, yeah, I like naked babes…a lot

It’s not what you think, or thunk or thought

I’m not gay, just drunk, or buzzed or sloshed

No way, You misunderstood, daddy

Girls just look and taste good., I’m not lying

All day, every day… I’ve got chicks on my mind…

But I swear on the dusty good book, I’m fine

Naked touching is just a good time

I’m as straight as a crooked line…



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