Piss Pants

You’re so clever until

The script is flipped

It was so easy until

The victim was you

You saw him and said

Its cute that he likes me

And you patted him on the head

And shooed him like a fly

Until the most valiant one walks in

Your eyes resemble a new born pup

And you run right over to him

His smile is truly genuine and he laps the shit up

Then he pats you on your skull

In the same manner that you had done

And you nearly lose your shit

Because the friend zone box

Has your name on it now

The decorative box top removed

And you have to jump your picky ass in

Crowded right next to the one that you dissed

And your victim crosses his arms

As the valiant confesses how cute

And your victim foot taps and sighs

About how clever you seemed to be

Shoe on the other at the beginning

Before the tables turned…


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