Little English Village

We took out our swords in battle
sunlight krypton camera flash
banging our heads against walls
flopping around like earthen fish
Until we’d conquered everything
tattoos of tyrants on our tongues
epiphany, nothing means anything
And you don’t know why….
We crushed mountains early Monday
moonlight electrons magnified flesh
kissing reflections on vanity mirrors
flailing for air in molten lava
Until we’d destroyed everything
Pictures of despots dangling from our necks
eureka, nothing really matters
And I refuse to say why…
Nothing really matters
Nothing means anything
I would rather fall on my sword
Eureka, Epiphany – One last mission
there wasn’t anything else to devour
there wasn’t anything else to take
there was nothing else to do
but love you
and of this one thing, I am afraid……………..





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