One fine day the hungry vultures explained to the tiger that across an ocean was a cat more ferocious than he. So what said the tiger, why should I care? 
Because, whispered the vultures, one day he will surely find and kill you, just because he can. The tiger was not convinced. I will meet this cat he said. We will laugh at this and then eat all of you. Little did the mighty tiger know, the vultures had already warned the majestic lion a violent destroyer was on the way. The lion was not kind upon meeting the tiger. You have stripes? You are inferior, cat! Prepare yourself for destruction! I am not afraid of your wild mane, prey, the tiger said. You are not more dangerous than me! For years they secretly stalked one another forgoing other means of sustenance until finally on the eve of their grand battle both the exhausted lion and starving tiger perished in their sleep.
The vultures had a feast.


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