Serenity Hawk

Because she was born to be controlled
You want to control me
Since she likes it, we all should like it
because we are the same aren’t we?
Because she was born to lay on the floor
You want to walk all over me
Since she is obedient, we all should be obedient
because our opinions don’t really matter right?
And I try to take her hands down
I try to see her eyes and let her see into mine
But she is willfully blind
And you think its you but it’s not
That is who she is
Its not who I am
And what just hit me in the head right now
It just hit me hard  how stupid it must look
For a Queen Bee to try to explain to
a Worker Bee that she too could be a Queen Bee
When she can’t be
So to keep a modicum of inner peace
Instead of destroying you to set her free
When she takes her hands from her face
Maybe she will see
That I can fly alone.



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