Nope, Not Tonight…

Yes, I put this cologne on for you
Yes I got fresh, brushed my teeth, painted my toe nails
Just so you could see and nod… that’s all..
Yes, I let you push up next to me
And graze past my breast
Yes, I let you whisper in my ear when clearly I could have heard you over the music…
This aint that though.
You only call me at 10:54
Never during the day
You only respond to my texts if I say, come out this way
So yes, my lipstick is glossy and my eyeshadow is set
Yes, I look sexy, my skin is like honey and I have on high heeled shoes
Just so you could be like damn when I walked in the room… thats all…
And lick your lion lips…
Yes, I look like I want something but I am getting it right now,
I can see it on your face.

And that’s all I needed to get to check you. You like what you see but not me.
So no, this aint that though,..
And now that you are drooling , you can take your ass home.
Cause, obviously, I already got off on your pain…



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