How to make me cum… a tutorial

Well, if you like Chuck Palahniuk you should see my mega library at home.. I’ve got Chuck, and Vonnegut and I just drink my whiskey and read…believe it or not I am really more into poetry than fiction because it is so intense…so I have a lot of Dorothy Parker and Nikki Giovanni… just amazing writers….  I wish I was Doctor Who so that I could time travel and meet them at their peak’s fury! Lol! Its funny, I generally watch movies that remind me of poetry too, strange to hear from a guy in a Green Lantern tee-shirt, right? But seriously….and I know its strange but, I’m a big fan of musicals; I just like how instantly everything can change, you know? I could watch Across The Universe or Hair everyday….Gosh how can anyone not like the music of the 60’s? I mean, The Beatles?!  The Beatles, well  they just explained it all so melodically right? Good Stuff. Reminds me of the quiet times I spend in Italy over the summer with my family… You know who else is really awesome at telling life stories? As far as a band goes, I mean? I don’t know if you have heard of them but it’s a band called Incubus…



2 thoughts on “How to make me cum… a tutorial

    1. Fair. But I have been a fan since 96; and since the guys in the band are around the same age as I am, as they start to write less angry and more contemplative stuff, I am in the same life space with them when they do. Every incarnation of their music, from the young person’s trapped angst, and the jazzy punk stuff to the now more mature heavy lyrical content and slower tempos, we agree on how we have changed and grown. I don’t expect anyone to be as much of a fan as I am… but if I ever met someone who was…. I’d be all in love 🙂

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