Pretty Idiot

Ever loved something so much that you absolutely couldn’t stand it
I want to destroy you so I can remember how awesome you used to be
Ever wanted someone so badly that having them made you sick
I want to leave you so I can remember how sexy you are to me
You’re a tub of rocky road baby and I hate chunky icecream but its so good, too good
I want to hurt you so I can remember what real tears smell like
You’re the B side to a Led Zeppelin album nobody heard but its so good, too good
I want to shame you just to see what your pain looks like
Ever wanted something to happen but then become afraid that it might
I want to drown you so I can know that you died in my arms
Ever needed someone so desperately that you tried your best to live without them
I want to hate you but I can’t because I love you too hard
You’re a pair of  dusty Levi’s I can’t discard cause they fit just right
I want to poison you so that you never have to see me grow old
You are painful trip to the dentist where I leave with a clean bill of health
I want to stab you a billion times because that is how much passion I hold
Ever wanted to not be the reason and at the same time be the catalyst
Ever noticed how much you act like you love me but realize its an impossible task
You are
You are
The ultimate worst and magnificently disturbing most beautiful tragedy I know
So Good, too good
wrapped in a beautiful African black wood box tied with a white vicuna bow….
I want you to go
(please stay)


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