The Mesmerization of Me

What you don’t get is that those fairy tales are not all fairy tales. They are rare but they are true.There is a guy who will come to pick you up from the airport with roses. There isa bloke who will spend a wad of dough to buy Incubus CDs cause its your favorite band to learn the tracks, there is a dude who will cook for you and sing for you and rub your feet. It seems like a fake thing that only happens on chick flicks but I assure you the writers of those flicks were inspired by those dudes who actually do that type ish; and everyone can have that. If you do that for yourself, buy yourself roses cause it’s Tuesday, take yourself out to a movie and dinner and for a massage… its actually easier for dudes who like to do that for chicks to be attracted to someone they already know appreciates those gestures. I could be wrong but I have a good feeling, I’m right. Rare is only real if you are rare to begin with.



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