I haven’t ever let go
Ten lonely years, y’know?
You stop me from fearing anything new
But you stop me from growing too
I’m stunted because of you
The jealousy rages inside me
All we are is pretending to be
Friends to what end
To what end
There isn’t a healthy remedy
I remember back then you had feelings
Clear your throat and say I choose you
Which you can’t and will not do
Never intended to
It was rigged in the first place
Friend fucking the cool quicksand
That I’ve got you stuck in
You’ve been trying to escape
Ever since then
And I keep on hanging in
I hold on and hold you up
You can’t resist the flattery of my one sided love
And devotion; your narcissistic daily feast
And I don’t want more milk to drink
The binky hits the floor
I’ve thanked you enough for
What you have done
I’ve got to grow up and move on
I gotta let you let me…go
Ten years of unraveling yarn, y’know?



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